Scentbird Subscription Box

Hi everybody, my name is Kiani and I’m a perfume addict.

I will be the first person to admit that I have a perfume addiction.
I love scents from all over the note spectrum from soft and lightly fragranced to deep and musky.
My favorite way to feed my addiction is by purchasing rollerballs that way I don’t have to commit to a single $70 bottle of perfume.

But let’s be real, they can be as expensive as $25-30; and you’re only getting a fraction of the perfume!
Recently, I was browsing the internet and with all the subscription boxes becoming more and more popular, I had come across Scentbird through several Youtubers.
I had to give it a try myself.

The breakdown
Cost: $14.95 monthly
Commitment level (1-10, 10 being married): 2
Cool facts:
– You can unsubscribe at anytime (before the 15th)
– You can queue up to a years worth of perfumes
– There are hundreds of designer & name brand perfumes!

Around the 22nd of the month, I received a little package with my perfume case (comes the first month you subscribe) and my first perfume tube. Roughly the same amount of fragrance as a rollerball (0.27 fl oz) and a nifty little atomizer that twists up.

But is it worth it?
To be completely honest, for the price & the amount of fragrance you receive, yes. Sized up beside a standard 0.34 fl oz rollerball, these vials are only about an inch smaller containing 0.27 fl oz, which is only .07 f oz less and $10-15 cheaper. So for half the price, you still get a full month’s worth of perfume.
That being said, I have already queued up about 6 perfumes. The website is super easy to use and the variety is pretty wide. I plan on using Scentbird for some time, I love playing around with new scents and getting to find my signature one.

If you’re skeptical about what I’m preaching right here, click the link below to receive a free month. All you have to do is subscribe using my link (otherwise, you have to pay the $14.95). I’m not getting paid to link you, but I do get a free perfume in return for referring some of you guys! So why not give & get?!

Click me for a free month of Scentbird!

** Disclaimer: I pay for my subscription out of my own wallet. I am not being paid to say anything that is not my own thoughts and beliefs. All pictures are my own unless otherwise stated!


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