Did I mention I’m a shopaholic yet?
I am obsessed with receiving snail mail, especially when they’re in the form of packages.
Subscription boxes are a lot of fun considering you pay a set amount each month & you get a handful of mysterious products you’ve most likely never tried before.


This post is on GlossyBox (July 2016 edition).
Cost: $24.95 a month
# of items: 5-6 deluxe samples or full size products
Total value: Over $100
The Breakdown:
Leighton Denny Expert Nails | Miracle Mist
Full size: $16 / 2.5 fl oz
This mist is used to speed dry wet nail polish for a faster on-the go option to painting your nails. It came in my box as a full size product. I have yet to try it, I’m currently taking a break from nail polish and letting my nails restore themselves. If you’re interested in having me test it out, I’d be more than happy to post an update about it (just let me know in the comment section down below!)

Glov | Glov Quick Treat
Full size: $5 / 1 piece
At first sight, I was pretty intrigued by this guy. The directions say to simply wet the washcloth and remove makeup. It also says it can be reused by hand washing with soap and letting it dry. Again, I haven’t had a chance to try this washcloth so if you’d like to hear my thoughts just let me know! I believe this sample is a full size.

Eyeko | Eyeko Fat Stick in Satin
Full size: $12 / 1 piece
The color I received is called Satin, which is a gorgeous shimmery deep lavender shade. The shimmer isn’t chunky glitter by any means, swatched on my hand it’s pretty smooth and seems easy to blend on top another shadow. I love swiping a single shade on my eye and just letting it be, since I have no skills in eye shadow whatsoever. Also as a side note, this is a full size product.

Fango Essenziali | Moisturize Treatment Sheet Mask
Full size: $7 / 1 mask
Sheet masks are all the rage these days. My skin is pretty temperamental, using salicylic acid will cause an explosion of madness on my face. Looking at the ingredients provided on the back, it seems this mask should be fine, being that it is paraben-free, clinically-tested, and allergy-tested. I may give this guy a shot if I’m feeling risky.

Nuxe | Shimmering Huile Prodigieuse
Full size: $54 / 3.3 fl oz
I was pretty shocked at how huge this product was. This is a full size, 3.3 fl oz, product. It smells super luxurious, and has light shimmer that is supposed to give a luminosity to the skin. Not to mention it’s a dry oil, so it gives moisture and some gorgeous color. I am pretty excited to try this out, especially in the middle of summer to give my skin look healthy and radiant.

Too Faced | Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua
Full size: $21 / .40 fl oz
This lippie was sent as a deluxe sample (.16 fl oz) in Chihuahua which is a mauve/deep rose shade. I’m not sure if my mailbox made this lip product melt and become a sheer, liquidy gloss but that’s what I’ve got. Compared to the swatches online, I think my sample has separated in the tube (pigment and oil). Not sure how I feel about this just yet, I’m going to stick it in the fridge for a few minutes and hope it solidifies a tad more.

The Bottomline:
Is it worth paying $24.95 for a box of items that you aren’t even sure you would use? I am going to answer with absolutely. I love surprises and I personally wouldn’t purchase these items for myself, so the fact that I can test it without much thought is a bonus for me. Now for some people, they might disagree but that’s the fun of subscription boxes! If you’re interested feel free to click here to subscribe!
** Disclaimer: I paid for this subscription box out of my own wallet. I am not being paid to say anything that is not my own thoughts and beliefs. All pictures are my own unless otherwise stated!


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