AU NATURAL: Acne + Oil = Happy Face

My first pimple emerged at the mere age of 10 years old and has stuck by my side to this day. I have tried ProActiv (5-6 years), Clarisonic Brushes (2 years), and even Doxycycline (2-3 years). And just about nothing worked. Recently, I have decided to go au natural with my skin care. Your skin … Continue reading AU NATURAL: Acne + Oil = Happy Face


DIY: Reusable Cotton Squares

I swear I buy a new pack of cotton rounds every month: taking off makeup, applying toner, you get the drill -- at $3-4 a pack it can get pretty expensive. Not to mention cotton rounds always disintegrate when I'm using them, leaving me with silly little cotton buds all over my face and in … Continue reading DIY: Reusable Cotton Squares